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There are so many products out there that I've tried and that haven't worked I couldn't remember them all if my life depended on it. Most of them didn't work at all, if they did they causes at least one side effect I wasn't happy about. That's what I love so much about MaleGenix, it gave me everything I could possibly ask for with no negative impact on my health. This is the best pill I've tried, my only regret is that it wasn't around 10 years ago.

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I bought MaleGenix because my insurance stopped covering my prescription erectile enhancer. Paying for these out of pocket was just out of the question, so naturally I looked for an alternative. MaleGenix promised similar results as my prescription did, so I gave it a shot. Not only did it give me comparable results, it gave me better results than my prescription did after just two months of use. I got the results I was looking for without breaking the bank.

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My biggest problem was always coming to climax before my wife, which she says doesn't bother her but I know the truth. My problems with premature ejaculation was really hurting my relationship, and I needed to find a quick fix. MaleGenix not only got the job done, but gave me the best sex of my life!

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