MaleGenix Ingredient List

The success of any supplement comes down to its formulation, and the ingredients used to do so. MaleGenix uses the highest quality and most potent ingredients in an effort to provide the user with the best results, with minimal side effects.

• L-Arginine •

L-Arginine is an amino acid which is used by the body in numerous functions, as it is used in the process of vasodilation. This encourages the opening of blood vessels, and in the case of MaleGenix it specifically targets those which are found in the penis. This allows users to experience immediate benefits in improved libido, energy levels and erection size.

• Tongkat Ali •

This potent herb is loaded with compounds known as PDE-5 inhibitors, which greatly enhance the user's erection quality, as well as having bigger and harder erections. This is due to the nature of these PDE-5 inhibitors, which bind to receptors found in the blood vessels, keeping blood regulated to a certain area. This provides the user with an increase in erection size which they can maintain for a longer period of time.

• Maca Root •

This root contains many different compounds which are designed to improve the user's ability to control their orgasms. In doing so this allows the user to last longer in bed, preventing premature ejaculation. Maca root does this by preventing overstimulation of the nervous system, vastly improving sexual quality.

• Damiana •

This ingredient proves the user with immediate improvements in libido, sexual endurance and energy levels due to its fast-acting ability. This ingredient is quickly digested and absorbed by bodily tissues which accelerates the rate at which MaleGenix goes to work.

• Xanthoparmelia Scabrosa •

This lichen which is native to China has been used for thousands of years for treatment of erectile dysfunction. It contains compounds which aide the body in the process of vasodilation, greatly enhancing the effects of other ingredients which work similarly, such as L-Arginine.

• Tribulus Terrestris •

This herb is an excellent libido booster, one which is delayed-released and works to provide the user with consistent results as time progresses. Users benefit from an increase in levels of free testosterone in the body, providing the user with multiple benefits in enhancing their sexual ability.

• Muira Puama •

This ingredient is one which is fast-acting and amplifies the abilities of other libido boosting ingredients in MaleGenix's formula. This ingredient allows the user to experience an immediate benefit in increased energy levels and sex drive.

• Horny Goat Weed •

Horny goat weed is especially effective in improving a man's sex drive, and is something that has been used in China to improve virility for thousands of years. Recently scientist have been able to isolate the compounds responsible for this improvement in libido, which enhances its effects further and at the time minimizing side effects.

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