FAQ about MaleGenix

• How safe is MaleGenix? •

MaleGenix is absolutely safe to use, as it only contains all natural ingredients. These potent ingredients allow users to experience the best that male enhancement has to offer, without potentially harming their health. There have been no reported cases of side effects from using MaleGenix, by users or in trials, solidifying its position as the safest male enhancement supplement.

• Does MaleGenix cause side effects? •

No, MaleGenix has not shown any type of side effects. MaleGenix's formula was designed primarily with the user's safety in mind, in providing them with the results they are looking for without negative side effects. These natural ingredients allow MaleGenix to enhance multiple aspects of the the user's sexual performance without harming their health like other male enhancers out there.

• What can I expect from MaleGenix? •

Users can expect to experience a vast improvement in all areas of sexual performance. MaleGenix dramatically improves the users energy levels, libido, erection quality, and penis size. It is the ultimate comprehensive solution in male enhancement, and the only capsule you'll ever need to perform at your sexual peak.

• How do I get the best results from MaleGenix? •

Users can see the best results from using MaleGenix by following the directions as closely as possible. This means that users should be consuming at least one capsule daily, and on a consistent basis to see the maximum results. This allows the ingredients in MaleGenix and the body's natural biological processes to work in sync, providing the user with the best possible results and fast.

• How does MaleGenix work? •

The secret behind MaleGenix lies within its Biologically Accelerated Sustained Expansion or B.A.S.E. formula. MaleGenix utilizes vasodilating compounds, PDE-5 inhibitors and other aphrodisiacs to provide the user with multifaceted results. MaleGenix provides the user with the precise amount of ingredients to greatly enhance their sexual performance and penis size without having to worry about side effects.

• Is MaleGenix better than other male enhancers? •

MaleGenix has demonstrated that it is more effective in providing its users with penis enhancing results they can depend on for the long haul. Other male enhancers simply can't perform to the level that MaleGenix does, nor are they as nearly safe to use. These two factors make MaleGenix the optimal choice when it comes to choosing a male enhancement supplement.

• Where should I buy MaleGenix? •

The way to ensure that you will get an authentic product that you can rely on is to order directly from their official website. No other suppliers are authorized to distribute MaleGenix, so if you buy from a source outside the official site, you are more than likely getting a counterfeit product, and one that isn't covered under the guarantee.

• What guarantee does MaleGenix offer? •

All orders which are made through MaleGenix's official website at www.MaleGenix.com are backed by a 90-day guarantee. We are confident in MaleGenix's ability and like to extend this confidence to our customers. If you are unsatisfied with your purchase, you can simply contact our customer service team to receive a refund without delay.

• Are orders shipped with discretion? •

The privacy of our customers is our highest priority so we have taken precautions to ensure that the entire process is discreet. From the time that you place your order until it arrives at your door, your security and privacy is safe with us. We do not use any identifiable branding or product information on our packages so that our customer's privacy is kept safe.

• When will my order arrive? •

Orders placed at www.MaleGenix.com are processed within 24-48 hours in which they are received. Customers can expect their orders to be filled as quickly as possible, and should expect their package in 5-7 business days or possibly sooner depending on the shipping method.

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